Introducing Ike.

Name: Ike (English), アイク Aiku (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Race: Beorc
Allegiance: Crimea
Affinity: Earth
Starting class: Ranger (PoR), Hero (RD)
Voice: Jason Adkins (English), Hagi Michihiko (Japanese)

Ike is the leading character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and a main character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the commander of the Greil Mercenaries and the only main character not of noble birth. Ike makes his first appearance in Prologue: Mercenaries in Path of Radiance and is the first unit you control. He will be level 1 and have with him an Iron Sword. In Radiant Dawn Ike is first seen at the end of Part 2, Endgame: Elincia's Gambit during a cutscene. Ike is then playable in Part 3, Prologue: The Great Advance. He will be level 11 and have with him Ettard (his personal sword) and an Iron Sword.

Ike is rather naive of the world when he is first introduced, often taking things at face value. He even accidentally offends the laguz (human-like creatures who can change into animals) during their first meeting by calling them "sub-humans" not realizing that such a name is extremely offensive. Ike is quick to apologize, however, and holds no fear or hatred of them (as most people are prone to do when they see a laguz). Ike is kind and brave, and very protective of his friends and family. Ike is also very humble and desires no reward for his actions, save for fees he charges as a mercenary.

Why I like Ike.

The first time I played through Path of Radiance I didn't care much for Ike. Part of the reason may have been due to the fact that he was so weak and couldn't take a hit or deal much damage. He even ended up dying on the final chapter against Ashnard because I messed up in my strategy. I never did finish that save file. I decided to start a fresh save and after that I began to notice things about Ike. I paid attention to things I never noticed before and the more I got to know him the more I liked him. Before I knew it he was my favorite character! I loved the respect he had for others, and I especially loved his relationship with Soren. It's just so incredible. I also leveled him up differently than in my first save and wow what a difference that made! Ike was a beast. No one could kill him. Anyone who tried saw the sharp end of his sword and the dirt on the ground. I have not played Radiant Dawn at all yet but I'm hoping to get the chance some day (even if I do have a problem with his RD artwork).