Why I like Chrom & Lucina.

To say I like the relationship between Chrom and Lucina is a bit of an understatement. I absolutely adore the relationship between these two. Maybe it's just me being a sucker for the father/daughter relationships, but I think the bond between these two is incredible. Lucina is willing to leave behind everything she knows in the future in order to travel to the past to prevent her father's murder and the fell dragon's revival. In addition, Chrom is accepting of Lucina right away when she confesses to him who she is. I'm crying just thinking about it. Her devotion to her father is inspiring, too, and their supports are adorable even though they're both practically the same age. He's like the responsible adult and she's the little kid. It's awesome. What gets me most out of all of it, however, is Chrom and Lucina's A Support. When Lucina says to Chrom that she doesn't belong in this timeline and that she'll leave once the war is over Chrom tells her he doesn't want to hear her say such a thing and that no matter what she's always welcome by his side. She is his daughter just as much as that baby girl is back in Ylisstol. I get emotional every time I read that conversation.

About the site.

The idea for creating this fanlisting was a spur of the moment type deal, but it was also because of reasons explained above. I figured it was a good enough excuse to apply for the fanlisting and so I did. I'm excited to be running this fanlisting! The name "A Daughter's Love" I came up with right away––long before I was even approved for the fanlisting––and loved it. I had considered "A Father's Love" as well, but I don't feel it to be quite as effective as I feel their relationship is more Lucina helping Chrom rather than Chrom helping Lucina. The fanlisting was opened on Ocotber 21, 2014.

Currently we are on version 1 of the site which was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was screencapped by me from this video and patterns used were found at this site. Textures used were found at a various sites sadly no longer online. Fonts used are called Minion and were default with my computer. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

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