Guidelines for joining.

Before joining the fanlisting there are a few simple rules you must keep in mind. Don't worry, they're nothing too complicated. The rules are as follows:

1.) You must be a fan of the Paladin class from the Warcraft series, obviously.

2.) You must have a valid email.

3.) You don't need a site in order to be added to the fanlisting. However, if you do have one and submit your URL I expect to see a button somewhere on your site. Preferably on a "Joined" page or something so I can find it easily. If you think I might not be able to find it please provide a link to the page in the comments box.

4.) I will not accept myspace pages, msn/yahoo groups, or anything along that line. I will also not accept any sites containing adult content, hate, racism, etc. If your site fits any of those listed, I will only list your email.

5.) Please use a first name or a reasonable nickname when joining the fanlisting. If your name contains numbers or characters I can't find on my keyboard, they will be edited.

6.) Please do not direct-link the codes! It steals bandwidth for the site. If I catch you doing this I will not list your site.

Think you got it? Then go grab a code and join the fanlisting!

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