Why I like paladins.

The reason why I like Paladins is quite simple. My very first character was a Paladin. She's a human Paladin named Zeruda who was my main from the Burning Crusade expansion up until some point during the Dragon Soul raid when my guild switched from 10-man to 25-man. Although she is not my main anymore she is still an important character to me and one I'll still frequently play. There is just something about Paladin healing that keeps making me want to come back for more. Mostly though it's just because I enjoy healing on a Paladin (I can't really stand healing on any other classes, except for on a Shaman). One day I might go back to a Paladin main, but for now I'm quite content going Hunter main. *cough*

About the site.

Usually I won't apply for such a thing but because it seemed like this subject would either never have a fanlisting or, if it did, have its fanlisting removed again. Because of this I decided I needed to apply. This subject needs a fanlisting so I'm happy to give it a home. The name Retribution comes from my failed attempt at thinking of a name for the fanlisting and only liking the one and thus using it. The name comes from the damage specialization for the class and because of that I just figured it worked. The fanlisting was opened on November 17, 2011!

Currently we are on version 2 of the site which features a random female blood elf paladin, with truthfully I've wanted to use in a layout for quite some time. The layout was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used was found at the official World of Warcraft website and patterns used were found at Subtle Patterns. The fonts used are called AR DECODE and Constantia which were default with my computer. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

Fanlisting affiliates.

Here you'll find all fanlistings currently affiliated with Retribution. If you are interested in being one then feel free to contact me. Warcraft or Blizzard related fanlistings only please.

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