Introducing Sakura.

Name: Sakura
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 9
Home country: Hoshido
Starting class: Shrine Maiden
Skills: Quiet Strength , Miracle
Voice: Brianna Knickerbocker (English), Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese)
Roster Profile: The youngest princess of Hoshido. She has a kind heart and cannot abide suffering. She is surprisingly strong willed for one so painfully shy. The most relaxing to be around. Born on 4/9.

Sakura is a main character in Fire Emblem Fates and is the youngest princess of the Hoshido royal family. She makes her first appearance in Prologue: Ties That Bind, in what appears to be a dream by the avatar. She will join your army in Chapter 6: In the White Light in Birthright or Chapter 8: Traitor's Brand in Revelation. In Conquest she will become your enemy making her unrecruitable. When Sakura first joins you in Chapter 5: Mother she will be level 1 and have a Bloom Festal in her inventory.

Sakura is a shy and timid girl, who is polite to others and often stutters when speaking. She is easily intimidated when confronted with unfamiliar situations or is outside her comfort zone, a total contrast to the rest of her siblings who are more confident and self-assured. Despite this though she has a kind heart, which has lead to life as a healer for her, and has a strong desire to protect the people she loves when threatened. Sakura holds a hidden guilt that it should have been her and not Corrin who was to be kidnapped by Nohr. As such she has blamed herself for years, with the belief that it was her fault Corrin was kidnapped instead of her. When the two meet again she is so happy, and if the player should choose to side with Hoshido she will be overjoyed that Corrin stayed with her.

Why I like Sakura.

Sakura is a character I liked right from the first moment I saw her in the trailer. I didn't know why really. I just knew I liked her. The not knowing why remained with me until I was finally able to play Birthright and get to know more about who she was. Then I learned we have quite a bit in common. Both Sakura and I shy, and are not very good with words. While I don't stutter like she does, I'm quite the pro at tripping over my own words when trying to speak. An embarrassing fact no one seems to notice, eheh. We both also care strongly for those we love, and I admire Sakura in her desire to protect the ones she loves and that she won't back down in a fight to do this. I also love healing classes, and bows. While her strength stat isn't the greatest I still love promoting her to a Priestess because of this.