Introducing Subaki.

Name: Subaki (English), ツバキ Tsubaki (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 7
Home country: Hoshido
Starting class: Sky Knight
Skills: Perfection , Darting Blow
Voice: Unknown (English), Takamasa Mogi (Japanese)
Roster Profile: Sakura's retainer and a Hoshidan sky knight from a long line of talented knights trained to be perfect. Easygoing, handsome, and skilled. Has impeccably clean hands. Born on 2/7.

Subaki is a character in Fire Emblem Fates and serves as one of two retainers of Sakura, Hoshido's youngest princess, the other being Hana. Subaki makes his first appearance in Chapter 7: A Vow Upheld in Birthright, Chapter 22: Sakura in Conquest, and Chapter 8: Traitor's Brand in Revelation. Subaki is playable in the Birthright and Revelation paths only, and appears as an enemy unit in Conquest. When Subaki joins you he will be level 5 and have an Iron Naginata in his inventory.

Subaki is a perfectionist, which stems from the legacy of his family's traditions. Because of this he is conditioned to achieve perfection, and, as a result, he is very critical and hard on himself as he works towards this. As a result Subaki has a tendency to engage in self-reproach whenever he feels like he has failed in being perfect and appears weak or imperfect to others. When this happens he'll become flustered and work harder in order to fix his shortcomings. Despite all this however Subaki is not one to draw attention to himself, instead hiding his efforts from others. Unfortunately he can sometimes come off as a bit obnoxious or arrogant. In truth he's really just a nice guy who feels a lot of pressure to become perfection.

Why I like Subaki.

During my first playthrough of Birthright was tough when it came to choosing a husband. I didn't know any of the men too well and appearance alone does not work for me. A guy can be super crazy hot, but if their personality does nothing for me they lose all appeal. When it came to the final few I chose to marry Subaki and I'm really glad I did. Aside from the fact that he's a Pegasus Knight, my favorite class in the game, there is this thing about him I can easily relate to. Subaki is a perfectionist, and if he fails at something it feels like the end of the world. A trait I can relate to all too well as I am notorious for doing the same thing. Something else I like about Subaki is he doesn't show off that he's a perfectionist and keeps it more to himself. He's the best fictional husband I could ask for.