Why I like this relationship.

*** Be warned that this section will contain SPOILERS for the ending of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! If you do not wish to be spoiled then keep on scrolling.

I'll be honest, in the beginning I didn't care much for Midna. I found her to be kind of annoying, and, well, annoying. I think the turning point for me, however, was when she was dying, and I (Link) had to take her to Zelda, that my opinion of her changed and I began to like Midna and the relationship between her and Link. Now I can't help but adore the two of them together. Their relationship began as a means to survive, the other being nothing more than a simple tool, but then it turned into something incredible. Although I have yet to finish the game (I know, I'm horrible), I am familiar with the ending, and honestly, it gets me really hard, and I want to do nothing but cry. Although Midna never finishes what she was going to say to Link before her departure back to the Twilight Realm, for me there is only one thing that she may have wanted to say to him. That being "I love you".

About the site.

The Link & Midna fanlisting was adopted from Myka of Firey-Heaven.net on August 21, 2007, and unfortunately I can't remember much of the details of why I applied other than I love the relationship between these two. *sweatdrop* The name "Partners in the Twilight" was thought up by Myka and I decided to keep it, mostly because I fail at coming up with names, but also because I like it. And, yeah, that's about all that I can remember. Shame on me.

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